YouTube Women to Watch

YouTube Women to Watch

"YouTube believes that everyone should have a chance to share their story, and that creative freedom leads to new voices, formats and possibilities. By radically lowering barriers to entry and eliminating conventional gatekeepers and tastemakers, YouTube [empowers] this generation of women invent their own roles and set their own boundaries. YouTube’s Women to Watch is a new initiative that will showcase the incredible women who are redefining entertainment on their own terms."*

For International Women's Day, YouTube set out to showcase the wide array of talent and quality content on their platform through a panel discussion featuring Canadian female panelists of diverse backgrounds. That included an entire experience for knowledge sharing, networking and sharing. I created a stage design, inspirational quotes in the networking area, and designed the interactive photo booth and sharing experience. 

Role: Designer, Art Director

A distinctively YouTube environment was created by leveraging their recognizable palette of white, black and vibrant red. There are a lot of female YouTube creators, and that volume has a lot of influence. By showcasing the faces of female creators in a mosaic theme, we call to attention the power of a collective voice and how it's shaping the world.

Stage panels

Quote on cruiser table

Interactive photo booth. Guests were encouraged to add their photos to the mosaic showcasing the large impact in numbers

*Meet YouTube's Women to Watch — Google Canada's Blog