Slurpee and 7Eleven partnered with WE to create a cup that cares commemorating Canada's 150th. A portion of sales from each cup at 7Eleven's across Canada will help empower Canadian students. The campaign features the cup product design, landing page, in-store signage, social media posts, 7Eleven owned space including posters. 

As the lead designer and art director for this collaboration many design decisions derived from the similarities in each brand. Both WE and Slurpee have a lively level of expression targeting a younger audience. The art direction for the campaign focuses heavily on Canadiana details (such as red, white, maple leaves, canoes, trees, moose, etc.) and celebratory graphics.  

Role: lead design, art direction

Cup design

At the centre of the campaign is the cup. A portion of sales from every cup gives back to Canadian students. The cup design features Canadiana graphics including maple leaves, trees, canoes, moose, mountie hats, and celebratory language. Each cup features a Track Your Impact code where customers can see where proceeds from their purchase go.

Slurpee signage, located above Slurpee dispensers 

GIF on Instagram featuring the collaboration

Slurpee cup featured in 7Eleven creative applications