Packaging: Rafiki bracelets

Packaging: Rafiki bracelets

Rafiki bracelets were one of the first product offerings from ME to WE. The beaded bracelet is handmade by a Maasai artisan and is a traditional source of income and opportunity for women in the remote regions of Kenya. Taking this product and reimagining it for a North American audience the Rafiki bracelet acts as a statement about your social values (much like the LiveStrong bracelets) providing impacts to developing communities. 

The strategy behind developing new packaging each season is to continue to grow the core product offering.  Designed in sets of 5 - 6 where each package features a particular impact (i.e., clean water, healthy food, education, health care, income opportunity). 

Role: Art Director

Holiday 2016: Cozy Cabin Rafikis

The Cozy Cabin Rafiki Series was the highest selling product during the Holiday season. This series focused on the introverted activities of winter — capturing an audience that prefers to cuddle up by a fire with some tea and a good book. This set of packaging introduced a boutique, small retailer aesthetic, which was new for ME to WE. The artisans crafting the product inspired the handmade and indie aesthetic.

Valentine's 2017: Chemistry Rafikis

This series was the highest revenue generating product for the first quarter of 2017. Additionally, it was the packaging that saw the highest engagement on social media. The business goal was to produce a growth in sales during an otherwise slow sales period with the launch of a new product. Taking inspiration from Valentine's Day cards passed around in elementary schools this Rafiki series uses education and science-based puns to induce a sense of innocent gift and sentiment giving.

Spring 2017 re-launch: Occasion Rafikis

This evergreen product category treats Rafikis like greeting cards, giving consumers the opportunity to give a sentiment that also gives back. One of the first product categories established the Occasion series rafikis were due for an update to refresh the product line.



The design challenge here was to highlight the sentiment in a beautiful way with artwork that supports it — much like greeting cards would. The brushwork is brought in to highlight again a handmade aspect that is a unique differentiator. Gold foiling  elevates the product for a slightly older consumer. 

This series has just launched and has since garnered high engagement on social media.